Outback Takeout Menu

Outback Takeout Menu: In Today’s fast-paced world, finding time to prepare a home-cooked meal can be challenging. Luckily, Outback Takeout is here to provide you with a hassle-free solution.

Outback Takeout Menu

With Outback Takeout, you can enjoy mouthwatering dishes from the comfort of your own home, without compromising on taste or quality.

Let’s explore the world of Outback Takeout and discover why it’s the go-to choice for food enthusiasts everywhere.

What is Outback Takeout?

Outback Takeout is a convenient service offered by Outback Steakhouse, a renowned restaurant chain known for its delectable Australian-inspired cuisine.

With Outback Takeout, you can indulge in the same exceptional flavors and dishes from the restaurant’s menu, but with the added convenience of enjoying them wherever you choose.

Outback Takeout Menu Options

Outback Takeout Menu

Outback Steakhouse offers an extensive menu that is sure to satisfy any craving.

From mouthwatering appetizers to succulent steaks and a variety of seafood options, there’s something for everyone. Let’s explore some of the menu highlights:

Outback Steakhouse Appetizers

Kickstart your meal with a selection of flavorful appetizers. From the famous Bloomin’ Onion to the delicious Aussie Cheese Fries, these appetizers are perfect for sharing or as a prelude to your main course.

Outback Steakhouse Steaks and Ribs

Outback is renowned for its perfectly seasoned and cooked steaks. From the classic Outback Special to the indulgent Victoria’s Filet Mignon, each steak is made to perfection.

If you’re a fan of ribs, you’ll be delighted by the fall-off-the-bone goodness of Outback’s baby back ribs.

Outback Steakhouse Seafood

If you prefer seafood, Outback has you covered. Their menu features options like succulent grilled salmon, shrimp, lobster tails, and even a seafood mixed grill for those who love variety.

Outback Steakhouse Chicken and Pasta

For those seeking a lighter option, Outback offers a range of chicken and pasta dishes. From tender chicken on the barbie to flavorful pasta with various sauces, you’ll find a satisfying meal that suits your taste.

Outback Steakhouse Burgers and Sandwiches

Craving a classic burger or a delicious sandwich? Outback’s takeout menu has you covered. Sink your teeth into a juicy Outback Burger or savor the flavors of their signature Prime Rib Sandwich.

Outback Steakhouse Salads and Soups

If you’re in the mood for something fresh and healthy, Outback’s salads and soups are a great choice. From crisp Caesar salads to comforting French onion soup, these options provide a lighter yet fulfilling meal.

Outback Steakhouse Sides and Extras

Complete your meal with a selection of delectable sides and extras. Indulge in Outback’s famous loaded mashed potatoes, crispy fries, or fresh seasonal vegetables to complement your main dish.

Outback Steakhouse Desserts

Don’t forget to save room for dessert! Outback offers a variety of mouthwatering sweets, including their famous Chocolate Thunder from Down Under, New York-style cheesecake, and warm apple crumble.

Outback Takeout Lunch Menu

Enjoy a delightful lunch with Outback Takeout Lunch Menu. Indulge in a range of mouthwatering options, from juicy steaks to fresh seafood, flavorful salads, and satisfying sandwiches.

Whether you’re craving a classic Outback Burger or a light and refreshing salad, our lunch menu has something for everyone.

Conveniently place your order and pick it up to savor a delicious lunch wherever you are. Treat yourself to a satisfying lunch with Outback Takeout.

Outback Takeout Dinner Menu

Experience a delectable dinner with Outback Takeout Dinner Menu. Delight in the rich flavors of our perfectly seasoned steaks, succulent seafood, and comforting pasta dishes. Indulge in our famous appetizers and savor every bite of our mouthwatering desserts.

Conveniently order from our dinner menu and enjoy a memorable dining experience from the comfort of your own home. Elevate your evening with Outback Takeout.

Top 10 most popular Outback Takeout menu items 

Item Price
Bloomin‘ Onion® $11.99
Alice Springs Chicken® $22.99
Victoria’s Filet® $35.99
New York Strip $29.99
Ribeye $32.99
Shrimp Scampi $28.99
Grilled Salmon $29.99
Chicken Caesar Salad $16.99
Mashed Potatoes $4.99
Caesar Salad $5.99
Loaded Baked Potato $5.99

Outback Special Dietary Options

Outback Takeout Menu

Outback understands the importance of catering to various dietary preferences and restrictions. Their takeout menu includes options for those with specific dietary needs:

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Outback offers vegetarian and vegan options, such as the Grilled Vegetable Tacos or the Veggie Burger, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a satisfying meal.

Gluten-Free Options

For individuals with gluten sensitivities or preferences, Outback provides gluten-free choices, including the Gluten-Free Grilled Chicken on the Barbie or the Gluten-Free Steak and Wedge Salad.

Allergen Information

Outback takes food allergies seriously. Their takeout menu includes detailed allergen information, allowing customers to make informed decisions about their orders and ensuring a safe dining experience.

Outback Takeout Order

Outback Takeout Menu

Ordering from the Outback Takeout Menu is a simple and convenient process. Here are the different options available:

Online Ordering

Visit Outback’s website or use their mobile app to place an online order. Browse the menu, select your desired items, and customize your order as needed.

Online ordering provides the convenience of selecting pickup or delivery options and allows you to track your order in real-time.

Phone Ordering

Prefer the personal touch? You can also place your takeout order by calling your local Outback Steakhouse directly.

A friendly staff member will assist you in choosing your dishes and provide all the necessary details.

Pickup and Delivery Options

Once your order is placed, you can opt to pick it up from your nearest Outback location or have it conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Outback ensures that your takeout experience is as seamless and efficient as possible.

Can I pick up my takeout order inside the restaurant?

Yes, you can pick up your Outback takeout order inside the restaurant. Just go to the host stand and tell them that you have a takeout order to pick up.

They will usually ask for your name or order number, and then they will retrieve your order from the kitchen.

If you are picking up your order during peak hours, it may be helpful to call the restaurant ahead of time to let them know that you are coming.

This will help to ensure that your order is ready when you arrive.

Once you have picked up your order, be sure to check it to make sure that everything is correct.

If you are missing anything or if your food is not to your satisfaction, please let the restaurant manager know.

Benefits of Outback Takeout

Outback Takeout Menu

Convenient Ordering Process

Ordering your favorite meals from Outback Takeout is a breeze.

Whether you prefer using their user-friendly website or convenient mobile app, you can easily browse the menu, select your desired items, customize them to your liking, and place your order with just a few taps or clicks. It’s a hassle-free process that saves you time and effort.

Extensive Menu Selection

Outback Takeout offers an extensive menu that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

From their signature steaks and ribs to seafood, burgers, salads, and vegetarian options, there’s something to satisfy every craving. With such a diverse selection, you’ll never run out of delicious choices.

Fresh and Quality Ingredients

One of the reasons Outback Steakhouse has garnered a loyal following is its commitment to using fresh and high-quality ingredients.

The same dedication extends to Outback Takeout. Each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail, ensuring that you experience the same exceptional taste and quality as you would in the restaurant.

Customization Options

Outback Takeout understands that everyone has different preferences and dietary needs.

That’s why they provide ample customization options. Whether you want your steak cooked to perfection, need gluten-free alternatives, or prefer certain ingredients omitted, you can customize your order to suit your exact requirements.

Dietary Accommodations

For individuals with specific dietary restrictions or allergies, Outback Takeout offers a variety of menu items tailored to accommodate those needs.

They have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a scrumptious meal that suits their dietary preferences.

Affordable Pricing

Eating out at a restaurant can sometimes strain your budget, but Outback Takeout aims to make quality dining affordable. With competitive pricing and value-packed meal options, you can savor the flavors of Outback Steakhouse without breaking the bank.

Special Offers and Discounts

Outback Takeout frequently provides special offers and discounts, allowing you to enjoy even more savings on your favorite dishes.

Keep an eye out for promotions like meal combos, family packs, or limited-time offers to get the most value for your money.

Delivery and Pickup Options

Whether you prefer doorstep delivery or a quick pickup, Outback Takeout offers both options for your convenience. With reliable delivery services, your delicious meal will be delivered straight to your doorstep, ensuring a stress-free dining experience.

If you’re on the go, you can choose the pickup option and have your order ready for a quick and easy pickup at your nearest Outback Steakhouse location.

Safety Measures and Hygiene

Outback Takeout prioritizes the safety and well-being of its customers. With the current global health situation in mind, they adhere to stringent safety measures and hygiene practices.

From contactless delivery to rigorous food handling protocols, you can trust that your meal is prepared and delivered with utmost care.

Do you have any special deals or promotions on takeout orders?

Yes, Outback often offers special deals and Promotions on takeout orders. For example, they may offer a discount on a specific item or a free appetizer with a purchase.

They may also offer Family meals or bundles that are perfect for takeout.

To find out about the latest Outback takeout deals and Promotions, you can check the Outback website or App.

You can also sign up For their email list to receive exclusive offers and discounts.

Outback Takeout – Customer Reviews

Outback Takeout has received rave reviews from satisfied customers who have experienced the convenience and delectable flavors it offers.

Many customers appreciate the consistency in taste, the promptness of delivery, and the overall exceptional service.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart as a top choice for takeout.

Customers who have experienced Outback Takeout have shared their positive feedback. Here are a few testimonials:

“The Outback Takeout menu is a lifesaver for busy evenings. The food is always delicious, and the convenience is unbeatable!” – Sarah M.

“As someone with dietary restrictions, I appreciate Outback’s commitment to providing diverse options. Their gluten-free menu is fantastic!” – John D.

“Outback Takeout has become our go-to choice for family dinners. The kids love the food, and we appreciate the ease of ordering.” – Emily P.

Outback Takeout Tips and Tricks

Here are some Outback Takeout tips and tricks:

Order ahead of time: This is especially important if you are ordering on a busy night, such as a Friday or Saturday night.

Choose the right side dishes: When choosing side dishes for your Outback Takeout order, keep In mind that some dishes, such as the Bloomin’ Onion, can be quite large. You may want to order a variety of side dishes so that everyone has something to eat.

Reheat your food properly: If you are not going to eat your Outback Takeout food right away, be sure to reheat it Properly. Outback Steakhouse recommends reheating your food in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15-20 minutes.

Outback Steakhouse Opening and Closing Hours

Monday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursdy 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM


The Outback Takeout Menu allows you to savorthe incredible flavors of Outback Steakhouse in the comfort of your own home or on the go.

With a diverse selection of appetizers, main courses, sides, desserts, and beverages, there’s something to please every palate.

Outback also caters to special dietary needs, offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Placing a takeout order is quick and convenient, with online and phone ordering available, as well as the choice of pickup or delivery.

Enjoy the convenience, quality, and customization of Outback Takeout and indulge in a delicious meal anytime, anywhere.

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Outback Takeout Menu – FAQ


Can I customize my order when using Outback takeout service?

Yes, Outback allows you to customize your order based on your preferences. You can make special requests or modifications to ensure your meal is prepared to your liking.

How long does it take to prepare a takeout order from Outback?

The preparation time for takeout orders can vary depending on the menu items and the overall demand. Outback strives to provide a timely service, and they will provide an estimated pickup time when you place your order.

Can I order alcoholic beverages with my takeout order?

Due to legal restrictions, Outback is unable to offer alcoholic beverages as part of their takeout service. However, they do offer a range of non-alcoholic beverages to accompany your meal.

Does Outback offer delivery services for their takeout orders?

While Outback primarily focuses on providing a pickup service for takeout orders, some locations may offer delivery through third-party delivery services. It’s best to check with your local Outback Steakhouse for availability.

Can I use coupons or discounts when ordering takeout from Outback?

Outback’s coupon and discount policies may vary depending on the location. It’s recommended to inquire with your local Outback Steakhouse about any ongoing promotions or discounts that can be applied to takeout orders.

How can I pay for my takeout order at Outback?

Outback accepts various forms of payment, including credit cards, debit cards, and cash. Some locations may also offer contactless payment options for added convenience.

Can I place a large group order for takeout?

Absolutely! Outback can accommodate large group orders for takeout. It’s advisable to contact your local Outback Steakhouse in advance to discuss the details and ensure a smooth ordering process.

Are the prices the same for takeout as they are for dining in at Outback?

In most cases, the prices for takeout items are the same as the prices for dining in. However, it’s advisable to check with your local Outback Steakhouse for any specific pricing details or promotions.

Is the full menu available for takeout orders?

Outback’s takeout menu generally offers a wide selection of their popular dishes. However, there may be some items that are exclusive to in-restaurant dining. It’s best to refer to the takeout menu or consult with the staff to ensure your desired items are available for takeout.

Can I earn rewards or loyalty points when ordering takeout from Outback?

Yes, Outback’s loyalty program typically allows you to earn rewards and loyalty points on both dine-in and takeout orders. By signing up for their loyalty program, you can enjoy exclusive offers and earn points towards future discounts or free items.

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