Outback Steakhouse New Dessert Looks Absolutely Decadent 2024

Outback Steakhouse New Dessert Looks Absolutely Decadent

Outback Steakhouse New Dessert Looks Absolutely Decadent

Thunder & Lightning combines the company’s iconic Down Under Chocolate Thunder with sweet and decadent Butter Cake and fresh strawberries.

The Suggested retail Price for the new Outback Thunder & Lightning is $10.49.

An incredibly large pecan brownie from Outback Chocolate Thunder from Down Under is topped with luscious vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings, and whipped cream.

The Butter Cake, meantime, is a thick, sweet butter cake with strawberries and homemade whipped cream on top.

For a limited time, the new Thunder & Lightning can be found at selected Outback restaurants around the country.

Social Media is Ready for an Outback Meal

Social media was salivating when Outback Steakhouse introduced the Thunder & Lightning on Twitter and Instagram. Someone commented on Twitter, “This would go GREAT with my blooming onion!!”

The Bloomin‘ Onion at Outback is a must-try, and all delicious dishes require a mix of salty and sweet flavors, so that reasoning makes sense.

Several other people had already made preparations to go to the eatery. A follower said on Instagram, “Today’s forecast: 100% chance of me going to @outback!” Another said, “Extra insulin and coffee, I’m game.”

Another was willing to try the Thunder & Lightning. Another client claimed to have already tried it and described it as “delicious.”

Despite the fact that many customers were eager to experience the chain restaurant’s newest dessert, several patrons expressed the desire for the Cinnamon Oblivion and Sinful Sundae to return.

Even if the Thunder & Lightning dessert doesn’t excite you, Outback recently announced a catering menu announcement that customers will adore.

FAQs About Outback Steakhouse Dessert

What is the price of Thunder and Lightning Desert in the Outback?

Costing $10.49, Outback Thunder and Lightning is one of the two favorites.

Along with a sweet and creamy butter cake, fresh strawberries from Down Under® and classic chocolate thunder are offered.

How many calories are in Thunder and Lightning Dessert in Outback?

1920 calories.

What is Thunder Down Under Outback dessert?

Extra-Large Pecan brownie from Down Under, Chocolate Thunder, Topped with Whipped cream, Warm Chocolate sauce, delectable vanilla Ice cream, And Chocolate Shavings.

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