Copycat Outback Steakhouse Mac And Cheese Recipe 2024

Copycat Outback Steakhouse Mac And Cheese Recipe

Copycat Outback Steakhouse Mac And Cheese Recipe

Although Outback Steakhouse is Largely Known for its succulent steaks, its Mouthwatering sides are also nothing to be sniffed at.

Outback’s Mac And Cheese, Which is cooked with wide-cut rigatoni and creamy cheese, is one of the restaurant’s particularly delectable offerings.

Copycat Outback Steakhouse Mac And Cheese Recipe

You’re in Luck if you don’t Want to go to Outback Steakhouse just To have some mac & cheese. With Just a few basic ingredients, You Can Easily make their Recipe at Home.

This wonderful and ridiculously cheesy spaghetti delight will be devoured by even the pickiest eaters. Additionally, it’s certain to please anyone craving hearty comfort food.

And if that weren’t enough, even the busiest home cook won’t have any trouble whipping up this mac and cheese whenever the craving strikes thanks to a cook time of only 15 minutes and the requirement for only a few shopping or cupboard essentials.

Gather your ingredients

Although the mac and cheese in this imitation of Outback Steakhouse is of restaurant-quality, most of the ingredients are likely already in your home.

If not, getting them only requires a quick trip to the grocery shop. You’ll need rigatoni pasta for the dish to be true to the original Outback recipe.

However, if you want to experiment with your pasta‘s shape, that is also OK. Carli tells us that “any shape will be delicious.”

Copycat Outback Steakhouse Mac And Cheese Recipe

Orecchiette’s shell form works particularly well with mac & cheese because it can hang on to a good portion of the cheese sauce, ensuring that every bite is tasty.

Velveeta, a cheese product that is shelf-stable and which you can keep in your pantry until you’re ready, adds richness to Outback’s dish. Cut your Velveeta into cubes to prepare it.

The exact size isn’t crucial in this case, however slightly smaller cubes will speed up the melting process later on. The Only other ingredients You’ll need are butter, flour, milk, And salt. You’re Ready to go once you’ve collected everything.

Boil Pasta and Prepare the Sauce Base

Start by Bringing a big pot of water To a boil and seasoning it heavily with salt. Even after it has been rinsed, this salt will help To flavor the pasta.

Add 1 Pound of rigatoni or your other preferred pasta once the water has boiled. To Avoid mushy overcooked pasta, cook the pasta according to the guidelines on the package until it is al dente, which means it still has a little bit of bite. When Your pasta has finished cooking, thoroughly drain it and set it aside.

Copycat Outback Steakhouse Mac And Cheese Recipe

You Can begin making your sauce as your pasta is heating up. Melt half a stick of butter in a large stockpot over medium heat before adding the flour. Butter and flour should be combined in a smooth, Lump-free mixture.

Make sure all of the flour has been absorbed into the butter and forms a cohesive whole since this will act as the thickening agent for the sauce known as a roux.

Add the milk And salt while whisking continuously after the flour and butter have been incorporated. Make sure to thoroughly incorporate all of the butter and flour combination into the milk while whisking, scraping the bottom of the pot to make sure nothing is burning. For About five minutes more, Or until the sauce has thickened, keep whisking.

Add in the Cheese

It’s now time to include the cheese once your milk sauce has bubbled and thickened. Stir the Velveeta cubes into the hot pan using a spoon or spatula. Stir continuously until the Velveeta is melted and the cheese sauce is thick, smooth, and creamy.

Copycat Outback Steakhouse Mac And Cheese Recipe

This May go pretty fast Or may take up to ten minutes, depending On the size of your Velveeta cubes. To produce a wonderfully smooth sauce, be patient and take your time to properly combine everything.

In Order to ensure that your sauce is heating evenly And nothing is adhering To the cooking surface or burning, make sure you’re frequently (but gently) scraping the Bottom of the pot with your spoon.

Bring it all Together

It’s time To assemble your mac and cheese once the Velveeta has completely melted into the sauce. Once the pasta is cooked And rinsed, return it to the stockpot And stir it up from the bottom until the cheese sauce is uniformly distributed over the pasta.

Copycat Outback Steakhouse Mac And Cheese Recipe

Your Mac and cheese is now ready to serve. Serve it up and start eating right away! Carli advises warming any leftovers on the stovetop at a low temperature.

While doing this, add a tiny bit of milk to make sure everything stays creamy, just how it was when it was first served.

Copycat Outback Steakhouse Mac And Cheese Recipe Card

This Stovetop Version of the mac and cheese from Outback Steakhouse comes up quickly, making it ideal as a quick side dish Or a simple And filling entrée.

  • PREP TIME – 5 minutes
  • COOK TIME – 15 minutes
  • SERVINGS – 4 servings


  • 1 pound rigatoni noodles
  • ½ stick unsalted butter
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 1 ½ cups milk
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 8 ounces Velveeta cheese, cubed


  • Bring water in a big pot to a boil. Pasta Should be added and cooked as directed on the package. Drain, then set apart.
  • Add Butter to a big stockpot and heat it up. Add flour when it has melted. Combine by whisking.
  • Include Salt and milk. Until the Mixture thickens, whisk continuously for about 5 minutes.
  • Cut up Some Velveeta. It will take around 10 minutes for the cheese to melt as you stir.
  • the Finished spaghetti. Stir thoroughly.


  • Calories per Serving 822
  • Total Fat 35.4 g
  • Protein 31.8 g
  • Dietary Fiber 3.7 g
  • Total Sugars 7.8 g
  • Sodium 650.3 mg
  • Cholesterol 97.4 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates 92.8 g

FAQs About Copycat Outback Steakhouse Mac And Cheese Recipe

Can I Use a different Type of pasta for this Recipe?

Yes, You May make this dish using any sort of pasta you like. Simply Remember To adjust the cooking time appropriately.

Can I Add Other Types of cheese to the Recipe?

Yes, You Can alter the Recipe To suit your tastes by including different kinds of cheese. Use only cheeses that will melt easily.

Can I Use Low-fat Milk and cream in this Recipe?

Yes, If You’d want, You Can substitute low-fat milk and cream. Although it might not be as creamy and rich, the cheese sauce will still be excellent.

Can I Make this Recipe ahead of time?

Yes, You Can Prepare this dish in advance And reheat it before serving in the oven or on the stovetop.

Can I Freeze Leftover Mac And Cheese?

Yes, Leftover Mac And Cheese Can be frozen for Up To two months in an airtight container.

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