Outback Steakhouse Military Discount 2024

Outback Steakhouse Military Discount

Outback Steakhouse is happy To give a discount to all military service members, Both Those who are currently serving And those who have served in the past.

Depending On Where you are, The deal can be anywhere from 10% To 20% off the total bill. The Discount Can be used On food And drinks that don’t contain booze, But it can’t be used with Any other deals or discounts.

Outback Steakhouse Military Discount

To Get the military discount at Outback Steakhouse, You must show a current military ID Or proof of service. This Can be a service ID card, a VA card, a DD214 form, Or any other Acceptable form of identification.

Remember That some places may ask you To show your ID when you buy something, While others may let you show it when you get your bill.

What is Outback Steakhouse Military Discount?

Outback Steakhouse is a Chain of restaurants with an Australian theme that serves steaks, Burgers, Salads, fish, And other tasty foods.

The chain has been helping people in the military and soldiers for a Long time. To thank them for their service, Outback Steakhouse gives all current or retired military members with a valid military ID a 10% discount on their whole bill. The deal is good for both orders to eat in and orders to go.

How to Use Outback Steakhouse Military Discount?

Using the Outback Steakhouse Military Discount is easy. Here are the Steps you need To follow:

  • Find a Spot of Outback Steakhouse close to you.
  • Show Your legal military ID or proof of service to your server when you get there.
  • Enjoy Your Meal and get a discount on the total bill.
  • It’s simple! Just remember that you can’t use the price with any other deals or discounts, and it doesn’t work on alcoholic drinks.

Outback Steakhouse Military Discount: Terms and Conditions

There are some rules about the Outback Steakhouse military discount. Here are Some things You should remember:

  • Anyone with a valid military ID, whether they are still in the service or have retired, can get the discount.
  • The saving applies to the whole bill, not just to one meal.
  • You can’t use the deal with any other offer, discount, or promotion.
  • The Discount can’t be used To buy drinks or gift cards.
  • The Deal is available for both orders to eat in And orders to go.
  • The discount does not apply To sales made online.

Make Sure To check with your local Outback Steakhouse To see if there are any other rules you need To follow.

More Ways Outback Steakhouse Supports the Military

Outback Steakhouse Military Discount

Outback Steakhouse has more ways than the troops Discount to show its support for the troops than just the discount.

The Operation Homefront: Outback Steakhouse is happy to support Operation Homefront, a non-profit group that helps military families in need with emergency money and other things.

Outback for Heroes: Every November, Outback Steakhouse holds an event called “Outback for Heroes.” This is a fundraiser for groups that help service members and their families.

Hiring Veterans: Outback Steakhouse actively seeks to hire soldiers and people who have served in the military. The chain knows that military people bring worth and leadership skills to the workplace.

Military Appreciation Meals: In addition to the Military Discount, Outback Steakhouse gives military members and veterans free meals on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Outback Steakhouse Other Deals and Discounts

Outback Steakhouse has Other savings and deals in addition to the Military Discount.

Here are a Few deals you Can take advantage of right now:

  • AARP Members get a 10% discount
  • When You buy two meals, you can get $5 off (good for eating in or taking out).

Make Sure to ask your local Outback Steakhouse if there are any other savings or deals you can take advantage of.


With the Outback Steakhouse Military Discount, Military members and their families Can get great food at a lower price. With a Valid military ID, this discount is Open to all military members, Whether they are still in the service Or have already left.

To Get the discount, Just Go to your local Outback Steakhouse with Your service ID And show it To the server or cashier. Keep in Mind that the deal is subject to certain rules, So check with your local Outback Steakhouse for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Outback Steakhouse military discount?

The discount is for military people who are currently serving, veterans, and their immediate family members.

Do I need to show my military ID to get the discount?

Yes, You Must show a Real military ID at the time of Purchase to get the discount.

How much is the discount?

10% will be taken off of the total bill.

Can I use the discount on alcoholic beverages?

No, you can’t use the discount on drinks with booze.

Can I combine the military discount with other offers or promotions?

No, you can’t use the military price with any other offer or deal.

Is the discount available for takeout orders?

Yes, the deal is good for both orders to eat in and orders to go.

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