Chuck-A-Rama Prices

The Chuck-A-Rama prices reflect the chain’s reputation as a family-friendly restaurant where small and large groups of families and friends can enjoy a wide range of American comfort food and drinks.

The chain has several stores in Utah and Idaho, mostly in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Chuck-A-Rama Prices

Chuck-A-main Rama’s dishes include chicken breast, chicken thigh, hot legs, chicken wings, hot legs, kettle-roasted turkey, carved roasted beef, and many more.

You can get sides like mashed potatoes, beef gravy, mac and cheese, etc., and drinks like Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Sprite. Chuck-A-Rama is a great place to eat for about $15.

In 1966, Don Moss started Chuck-A-Rama in Salt Lake City, Utah, US. It’s a chain of buffet restaurants that serve American comfort food made with fresh, local ingredients. This chain of restaurants has about 10 locations in Utah and 2 in Idaho.

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Chuck-A-Rama serves delicious meat dishes like chicken breast, chicken thighs, roasted beef, and many more.

The dutch oven in which the seasoned turkey, fresh carrots, and onions are slowly cooked to perfection is called a “kettle.” When you go to Chuck-A-Rama, don’t miss the Utah classics! One of the classic Utah foods served here is scones.

Chuck-A-Rama Prices

A La Carte

Chicken Breast $ 2.90
Chicken Thigh $ 2.09
Chicken Wing $ 1.51
Hot Legs $ 1.81
Chicken Leg $ 1.64


Kettle Roasted Turkey (1 pound) $ 5.99
Scones (1 pound) $ 5.99
Rolls (1 pound) $ 5.99
Carved Roast Beef (1 pound) $ 5.99
Carved Turkey (1 pound) $ 5.99
Fried Shrimp (1 pound) $ 5.99
Carved Ham (1 pound) $ 5.99

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Chicken (8 pieces) $ 13.50
Chicken (16 pieces) $ 25.50
Chicken (32 pieces) $ 49.00


Mashed Potatoes (Pint) $ 2.99
Beef Gravy $ 1.29
Macaroni & Cheese $ 6.00
Ranch $ 0.50
Macaroni & Cheese $ 3.65
Rojo Sauce $ 0.50

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Tacos $ 2.50
Burritos $ 9.00
Side Of Beans $ 2.00
Cali Burrito $ 12.00

Soups & Salads

Tomato Basil Soup $ 4.90
Clam Chowder $ 8.65
All Salad Dressing $ 1.30
Carrot Salad $ 4.99
Cole Slaw $ 4.99
Potato Salad $ 4.99
Pasta Salad $ 4.99
Kale Salad $ 4.99
Tossed Salad $ 2.50
Acini Salad $ 4.99
Broccoli Salad $ 4.99

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Bakery & Desserts

White Rolls $ 3.50
Wheat Rolls $ 3.50
German Chocolate $ 1.95
RK Treat (1 piece) $ 1.00
Freshly Baked Dessert $ 4.00
Carrot Cake $ 1.95
Tuxedo Cake $ 1.95


Naked Sandwich (No Spice) $ 12.00
Dirty Bird Sandwich $ 14.00
Rojo Sandwich (Medium Hot) $ 12.00
Double Meat Sandwich $ 18.00
Rojo X Sandwich (Very Spicy) $ 12.00

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Regular Fries $ 4.00
Diablo Fries (Spicy) $ 4.00
Dirty Fries $ 5.00


Asada Fries $ 12.00
Super Nachos $ 12.00
Tacos De Papa $ 7.00
Side Of Rice $ 2.00
Quesadilla Con Carne $ 11.00

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Coke (33 oz) $ 2.75
Diet Coke (34 oz) $ 2.75
Diet Pepsi (36 oz) $ 2.75
Sprite (37 oz) $ 2.75
Dr. Pepper (39 oz) $ 2.75
Diet Dr. Pepper (40 oz) $ 2.75
Iced Tea $ 2.75
Orange Mango Drink $ 2.75
Horchata (46 oz) $ 2.75
Aguas Frescas $ 3.00
Pepsi (35 oz) $ 2.75
Mountain Dew (38 oz) $ 2.75
Root Beer (41 oz) $ 2.75
Fruit Punch (45 oz) $ 2.75
Fountain Drinks $ 2.75

About Chuck a Rama Buffet

Chuck a Rama Buffet is proud of its home-style cooking made from scratch. It’s a great place for people who are too lazy to cook but want the taste and comfort of home-cooked meals.

The most popular items at Chuck-a-Rama are the Kettle Roasted Turkey, scones, rolls, carved roast beef and turkey, fried shrimp, carved ham, and their classic mac and cheese.

Customers can make their own salads if they don’t like too many carbs. At Chuck-a-salad rama’s bar, there are a number of plates with fresh foods.

People can start with a base of lettuce or spinach, then add other things like tomatoes and onions, and then top it off with the dressing of their choice.

Potato salad, frog eye (no real frogs here), and coleslaw are less healthy types of salad.

There is a lot of soup at Chuck-a-Rama to make up for the dry food. People can choose from clam chowder, which is simple but tasty, to beef and barley soup, which is more complicated but still tasty.

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Chuck-a-Rama also has different deals every day. Customers who want seafood can wait until Friday, when Chuck-a-Rama changes its menu to include more seafood.

If people want to try something other than Chinese food for a change, they can wait until Tuesday, when there are more Asian foods than just Chinese.

On Wednesday, though, the buffet restaurant would be very busy. Wednesday is barbecue day. People will be excited to eat juicy barbecued pork ribs, barbecued chicken legs, and cajun white fish.

VIP members get perks at Chuck-a-Rama. Members of Chuck-a-VIP Rama’s club get discounts and special deals. For the VIP signup, customers just need to go to the Chuck-a-Rama website.

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Chuck-A-Rama Contact Information

  • Chuck-A-Rama Head Office Address: 744 East 400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
  • Chuck-A-Rama Phone: (801) 433-3663
  • Chuck-A-Rama Fax Number: (801) 433-0060

Fill Chuck-A-Rama’s contact form to get in direct contact with the team of Chuck-A-Rama.

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FAQs – Chuck-A-Rama Prices

What is a chuck a rama?

Chuck-A-Rama restaurants are popular places to get classic American comfort foods. Casual dining restaurants offer a variety of comfort foods like fried and baked chicken, carved turkey, roast beef, and mashed potatoes with gravy in a buffet style.

Where is Chuck a Rama located?

Don Moss opened a place called Chuck A Rama in Salt Lake City, Utah. The first place was at the intersection of 12th South and State Street. It was also the first place where food from Chuck A Rama’s menu was served. The restaurant changed its name to Chuck A RamaI when it moved to a bigger building on State Street in 1973.

What kind of food does Chuck a Rama have?

Chuck A Rama is a well-known chain of buffet restaurants in the United States that is run by a family. They have entrees, fried chicken breast, sides, chicken wings, soups, ham and roast beef, salads, bakery goods, mashed potatoes, desserts, and a lot more food. They are known for their Chuck Wagon baked beans and desserts that are made from scratch.

Do kids get free meals at restaurants?

The casual atmosphere and quick service make the restaurants popular with groups, especially families with kids. Free meals are also available for kids.

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