Chama Gaucha Steakhouse Price

If you want to know the Chama Gaucha Steakhouse Prices. Our team finds out the prices of everything on the Chama Gaucha Steakhouse Menu.

The best things about Chama Gaucha are the meats that are cooked and served in a Brazilian style. Diners can choose from a dozen different cuts of meat and a wide range of salads.

This means that the reasonable prices at Chama Gaucha give you more for your money.

Chama Gaucha Steakhouse Prices

The way the meat is cooked in Chama Gaucha is famous in Brazil. On their lunch and dinner menus, there are items for people of all ages.

They also have appetisers and sides like gourmet cheese wood platter, sausage 1lb, 4 jumbo asparagus, grilled green beans, and a lot more.

The restaurant’s signature dish is called Picanha and is on the menu at Chama Gaucha. Among other things, it has a prime cut of sirloin, a fillet wrapped in bacon, pork and beef ribs, chicken drumsticks, rib eye, garlic sirloin, and rack of lamb.

Even though the food at Genghis Grill is very good, the prices are very low. Here, you can get a good meal for about $15.

Chama Gaucha Steakhouse Prices



Monday-Friday, 11:30am-2:30pm

Lunch (Per Person) (Monday-Friday) $35.50
Salad Bar Lunch (Per Person) (Monday-Friday) $22.50
Kids Lunch (Per Person) (Monday-Friday) $18.50

Saturday and Sunday, 12pm-2:30pm

Lunch (Per Person) (Saturday and Sunday) $40.50
Kids Lunch (Per Person) (Saturday and Sunday) $24.50

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Monday-Thursday, 5pm-9:30pm

Dinner (Per Person) (Monday-Thursday) $52.50
Salad Bar Dinner (Per Person) (Monday-Thursday) $25.50
Kids Dinner (Per Person) (Monday-Thursday) $26.50

Friday and Saturday, 5pm-10pm

Dinner (Per Person) (Friday and Saturday) $52.50
Salad Bar Dinner (Per Person) (Friday and Saturday) $25.50
Kids Dinner (Per Person) (Friday and Saturday) $26.50

Sunday, 2:30pm-8:30pm

Dinner (Per Person) (Sunday) $52.50
Salad Bar Dinner (Per Person) (Sunday) $25.50
Kids Dinner (Per Person) (Sunday) $26.50

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Why Eat Here

When you go to a Chama Gaucha restaurant, you should be ready to eat a wide range of meats, such as Picanha, which is the house specialty and is made of prime cut of sirloin, bacon-wrapped fillet, pork and beef ribs, chicken drumsticks, rib eye, garlic sirloin, and rack of lamb, to name a few.

Think of it as a haven for meat lovers. Fruit and vegetable salads are also available, which is a plus for people who want to eat healthy. There are also a few refreshing drinks, small rolls of bread, and sweets like tres leches on the menu.

You will also like the way steak is served in Brazil. If you want meat, you can show the server a card with a green side.

A gaucho, who is a Brazilian chef, will walk up to your table with a large metal skewer with meat vertically skewered on it. Your gaucho will cut the meat with skill, but you’ll need tongs to pick it up and put it on your plate.

But people don’t just go to Chama Gaucha restaurants for the food. You’ll also find that the servers are friendly and know a lot about the food and drinks on the menu. Both of these things add to the great dining experience.

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History of Chama Gaucha Steakhouse

The flame, or “chama,” is at the heart of every real Brazilian steakhouse. This core also shows how much Brazilian cowboys, or “gauchos,” want to keep their culture and traditions alive. The idea for Chama Gaucha came from this history.

You will love how their restaurants make you feel. They are warm and cosy and great for getting together with friends to talk about the good old days. They are also great for business meetings and closing deals, as well as birthdays, anniversaries, and simple family gatherings.

You can either order your drinks or go to their bar to try some smooth wine. Their drinks and wines are carefully chosen to go with your hearty food.

And, of course, their steaks will really get your appetite going. Picanha is a prime cut sirloin and a house specialty. It smells good and tastes juicy.

Ribeye, which everyone likes; Filet Mignon e Frango: you can choose between fillet wrapped in bacon or chicken breast for this dish. Fraldinha: the bottom sirloin will blow your mind.

Costela, which is a beef rib with marbling that makes it more tender and flavorful; Filet Mignon, which is juicy and tender; Porco, which is juicy pork ribs or loins sprinkled with parmesan; Frango e Linguica, which is pork sausage or chicken drumsticks that have been marinated; and Cordeiro, which is a perfectly seasoned lamb leg.

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Chama Gaucha Contact Information

  • Chama Gaucha Corporate Office Address– 325 E Sonterra Blvd Suite 240, San Antonio, TX 78258, United States
  • Chama Gaucha Phone Number– +1 210-267-9022

You can also contact the team of Chama Gaucha by using the contact form on their website.

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FAQs – Chama Gaucha Steakhouse Price

FAQs - Chama Gaucha Steakhouse Price

What is the difference between lunch and dinner at Chama Gaucha?

Both lunch and dinner have the same menu, which includes unlimited trips to the salad and starter bar, hot sides, and 12 cuts of meat, including prime steaks, that are served at each table. Monday through Friday, lunch costs $29.50. The price of dinner is $49.50.

How much does Chama Gaucha cost?

Chama Gaucha is one of the most popular restaurants because it has what customers want: low prices, quick service, and delicious food that even gourmets will love. Even though the prices at Chama Gaucha are fair for a Brazilian steakhouse, they are above average. Dinner costs about $55 per person, on average.

What is on the menu at Chama Gaucha?

On the Chama Gaucha menu, there is a dish called Picanha, which is the restaurant’s specialty. It has a prime cut of sirloin, a fillet wrapped in bacon, pork and beef ribs, chicken drumsticks, rib eye, garlic sirloin, and rack of lamb, among other things.

What kind of meats are served at Chama Gaucha?

You can choose from grilled beef, pork, lamb, and chicken, as well as seafood like fish. Most places have a fixed price for as much as you can eat.

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