Outback Steakhouse New Menu Item Has A Sugary Twist 2024

Outback Steakhouse New Menu Item Has A Sugary Twist

Outback Steakhouse New Menu Item Has A Sugary Twist

While many diners at Outback Steakhouse can’t help ordering the fabled Bloomin’ Onion to start their dinner, a new dish has many diners doubting whether they read the name correctly.

Even though Mary Poppins sang about a spoonful of sugar, the star of the dinner plate wasn’t always described in that song about sweetness.

Outback Steakhouse Sugar Steak is the latest seasonal menu item, and opinions on this sweet and savory option are mixed.

The new Sugar Steak has a coating made of spices, honey, brown sugar, and garlic. The sugars in the beef caramelize while grilling and produce a char.

Outback Steakhouse Sugar Twist

This steak seems to have a small Asian influence, yet it isn’t in the name. It appears to capture that tangy flavor that personifies springtime when served sliced and with a side of the brown sugar glaze.

It was stated on Outback’s Instagram page by someone who works there: “I work here and y’all this is the best dish on the menu it’s so worth the money I’m telling you, you will never order anything else from here ever again!!”

It might be time to try the new, sweeter steak alternative rather than Toowoomba Sauce once. The addition of sweetness and spice seems to make everything just a little bit better.

What is Sugar Steak?

Some people may have wondered whether putting sugar on a steak was a wise flavor decision when Outback Steakhouse unveiled the Sugar Steak as a Seasonal Features menu item.

However, sugar or brown sugar is usually a component of seasoning, barbecue blends, or even rubs. Sugar “helps to keep the meat tender” in addition to adding taste, claims Bon Appetit.

America’s Test Kitchen talked about the idea of putting sugar and spices on a steak, focusing notably on sugar steak. Finding the right balance is important, even though many restaurants have offered this sweet and salty mix.

It’s All about the sweet and spicy, As can be seen in the New Outback Steakhouse Menu. This Way of Cooking can be fairly delightful as long as one flavor does not dominate the others. Nobody wants candied steak, But a tiny bit of sugar combined with salt and spices may be the flavor combination that makes people want to eat more.

What Makes Outback Steakhouse’s New Menu Item Stand Out?

The new menu item at Outback Steakhouse distinguishes out due to its distinctive flavor combination. The chilled vanilla ice cream and the handmade whipped cream are the ideal complements to the decadent chocolate brownie. The dish is enhanced by the warm chocolate sauce.

The size of the serving also distinguishes this dessert. A group of individuals can easily be satisfied by the generous portion. You can all enjoy this sweet treat together if you are dining with friends or family.


The Latest menu item at Outback Steakhouse has a sweet touch that is sure to impress you. The rich dessert known as the Sugary Twist is great for sharing with loved ones.

It is a Sizable quantity that is more than enough to feed up to four people. So Be sure to taste this Sugary Twist the next Time You are at Outback Steakhouse.

FAQs About Outback Steakhouse Sugar Twist

Is Outback Steakhouse’s new menu item available for takeout?

Yes, you can place a takeout order for the dessert.

Is the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under suitable for people with dietary restrictions?

The Dessert includes Nuts, Dairy, And gluten. Therefore, it is Essential To Check with the Restaurant before ordering if you have any dietary restrictions.

Can I customize the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under?

The dessert cannot be altered because it is a distinctive dish.

Is Outback Steakhouse’s new menu item available at all locations?

Yes, all Outback Steakhouse locations provide the dessert.

Can I make a reservation for just the dessert?

Reservations for simply the dessert are not accepted at Outback Steakhouse. On the Other hand, You can order dessert when you go to the restaurant.

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