Here's Why Outback Prices May Soon Rise 2024

Here’s Why Outback Prices May Soon Rise

Here’s Why Outback Prices May Soon Rise

You Can get a taste of Australia even if you’ve never been there. So Make an appointment To eat at Outback Steakhouse.

The Australian-themed Restaurant company has almost 700 locations across the country. It is Known for its delicious steaks, which are rubbed with a secret 17-spice blend and then seared on a grill or cooked over an open fire with wood.

Outback Prices May Soon Rise

There are also a Lot of dishes from Australia On the Outback menu, like grilled chicken on the Barbie, Aussie Twisted Ribs, and the Bloomin’ Onion, which is the chain’s must-have starter and a fan favorite.

The Prices at Outback Steakhouse are also a big draw. They are Much cheaper than those at fancier steakhouses, where steaks can cost up to $100.

Depending On where you are, You Can get a 6-ounce steak at Outback for as little as $14.99. But There’s some bad news for your money in the coming months if you like Outback. Recent News Says that the well-known company is about to raise prices on all of its menu items.

Outback has Been Hit with Inflationary Pressures

Outback Steakhouse is proud of “serving great steak at reasonable prices,” according to the brand’s franchise website. Prices are subject To change, though.

“We Try to be flexible with prices, But this year we had to cut prices by 5% because inflation has been so high,” Bloomin‘ Brands CEO David Dano said last week during a call about the company’s fourth-quarter results.

Outback has raised its prices before, so this isn’t the first time. Last year, the Florida-based chain raised prices by 3% to fight rising costs.

Now, Just a few months later, its leaders say that the 3% increase wasn’t enough to cover rising costs, So they’ve chosen to raise it to 2% in the coming months. CFO Chris Mayer talked about it.

What Does This Mean for Customers?

What does it mean for you as a customer if Outback does decide to raise its prices? Here are Some Effects that Could happen:

You might have to pay more for the foods you like. Depending on how much prices have gone up, you may need to change your spending or how you eat.

Outback might have less sales and deals. To make up for the higher costs, the restaurant might have to offer less deals or rewards.

The menu may have changed. If some products get too expensive, Outback may have to replace them with something else.

FAQs About Outback 

When will Outback prices go up?

There’s no way to know for sure, but prices could go up in the near future.

Will all Outback locations raise their prices?

It’s up to each business owner to decide how much to charge, so prices may not go up everywhere.

Can I still use coupons or discounts if prices go up?

That will depend on how the offer is set up. Some coupons or discounts may still work, while price changes may affect others.

What can customers do if they’re concerned about potential price increases?

Customers can stay up to date on any news or comments from Outback about price changes. They Can also look for ways To save money, Like taking advantage of sales Or going out to Eat when there aren’t as many people.

Are other restaurants also facing price increases?

Yes, Many restaurants face similar problems because of inflation, Problems with the supply line, and a lack of workers.


Prices in the Outback May Go up soon because of problems with the beef supply chain, a lack of workers, inflation, and problems with the supply chain. Even though there’s No way To know for sure when Or by how much prices might go up, Customers should be ready for the chance of higher menu prices.

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