Outback Steakhouse Franchise Cost & Opportunities 2024

Outback Steakhouse Franchise Cost & Opportunities

Outback Steakhouse Franchise Cost & Opportunities

With an Outback Steakhouse franchise, your brand will be known all over the world.

Outback Steakhouse has a system for advertising and marketing that helps franchisees, and managers and staff are fully trained in how to make Outback Steakhouse food and do their managerial and administrative jobs.

Outback Steakhouse Franchise

Franchisees also get help with new products and technologies, getting started, marketing, and expanding into new areas. OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC owns and runs Outback Steakhouse.

They also own and run Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Roy’s Restaurant, and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.

Outback Steakhouse franchise cost

Outback Steakhouse has a franchise fee of up to $10,000 and a range of $1,600,000 for the first investment.

Liquid Cash Requirement:

  • Requirement: $500,000

Outback Steakhouse Initial Investment

  • Initial investment: $1,600,000.

Ongoing fees

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $10,000

How to open the Outback Steakhouse franchise?

Ensure you have adequate capitalization

To open an Outback Steakhouse restaurant, you need to have $500,000 in cash on hand.

Appreciate the investment required for a restaurant franchise

You will need to think about the costs of things like equipment, licences and permits, uniforms, insurance, etc.

Evaluate your prior experience and strengths

Before you apply to be an Outback Steakhouse franchise owner, you should think carefully about your business experience.

Assess market availability

Before you fill out the franchising application, you should check the market availability for Outback Steakhouse franchises to see if there are any open markets in the area you are interested in.

Submit your application

The team in charge of Outback Steakhouse franchises will look over your application.

When we get your online application, we will send you an email with a confirmation receipt and the details of how to get in touch with the franchise owner.

Receive approval & opening your Outback Steakhouse franchise

Once your financial and background checks are done, you will be able to get a franchise. Approval will only be given to people who meet all of the franchise owners’ requirements.

Outback Steakhouse Contact Information

➽ Outback Steak Corporate Office Address: 2202 N West Shore Blvd Tampa, FL33607

➽ Outback Steak Corporate Office Phone Number: (813) 282-1225

➽ To contact the team of Outback Steak, you can also use the contact form on their

Outback Steakhouse Social Media

➽ Facebook Pagefacebook.com/outbacksteaks/

➽ Twitter Handles: twitter.com/outbacksteak/

➽ Instagram Account: instagram.com/outbacksteak/

About Outback Steakhouse

➽ Outback Steakhouse is an American casual dining restaurant chain that is distinguished by its themed restaurants based in Australia.

➽ They are known for their American food items such as prime steak cuts, chicken entrees, ribs and chicken, seafood dishes, and pasta. They have over 800 locations around the world.

➽ Outback Steakhouse was founded in the early 1980s by four friends who shared a desire. The friends wanted an eatery with a casual environment, excellent service, and high-quality food.

➽ The first branch was opened on the 28th of October 1988 and was located in Tampa, FL. The chain now boasts more than 1,000 restaurants spread across 23 countries across North America, South America, Australia, and Asia.

➽ Outback Steakhouse costs are pretty affordable. A great dining experience in the Outback Steakhouse will cost you about $20. Steaks from Outback are cooked on a flat-top grill or an open fire with oak wood.

➽ Apart from the steaks, Outback Steakhouse is well-known for its Bloomin’Onion, the most popular menu item.

➽ The restaurant uses more than 13 million pounds of huge onions each year to create its signature appetizer, Bloomin Onion. It is cooked and prepared by an expert “Bloomologist” to ensure the dish is cooked correctly.

FAQs – Outback Steakhouse Franchise

How much does it cost to own an Outback Steakhouse franchise?

Cost of an Outback Steakhouse franchise, initial investment, and income from an Outback Steakhouse franchise.

With a low franchise fee of $10,000 and start-up costs of $500,000, an Outback Steakhouse franchise costs $1.6 million to open.

How much does an Outback franchise owner make?

The annual salary for the job of Owner at Outback Steakhouse is $72,000.

Is Outback Steakhouse a franchise?

Today, Outback Steakhouse® is a leader in casual dining around the world, with more than 250 franchise restaurants in 19 countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and other places.

Do franchise owners take a salary?

You don’t get paid until you make enough money. The job of a franchise owner isn’t just to run a business; they also have to grow it.

In the beginning of a new store, for example, business can be very slow. On any given day, it may cost more to keep the lights on than the business makes.

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